I launched Jitterbug

Today, I’ve launched Jitterbug. It’s an app to track your stock investments. It’s trader platform agnostic and was build with care for privacy.

In the past few years, I’ve had some minor success on the stock market by swing trading some tech companies. Beer money mostly. To track my performance, I used to use Google Finance. When Google removed the portfolio feature, I haven’t found something simple to replace it. So I built my own.

It started as a hobby. Somehow, along the way, I decided that I want to release it to the public someday. And today is the day. I’ve tinkered with a lot of personal projects in my career, but this is the first time I am ready to release something as complete.

To build this, I’ve brushed up my coding skills and learned a ton more when it comes to modern Javascript and Javascript libraries.

The front-end is React and the backend is build with Rails. It was a blast making something again. Everything from design, code, copy, server management was done only by yours truly. I am super proud that now I have all these skills under my belt.

I suppose I have to also explain the name. There are a lot of strategies of making money on the stock market. Most of us would be familiar with three of them.

First one is day trading, when the buy and the sell of the stock happens on the same day. it’s what you usually see in the movies and you’re mostly playing the news.

Secondly, there is value investing. It’s long term strategy, where you believe a company will be worth more in the future than it does today. That’s what Warren Buffet is doing.

And there is swing trading. It’s mostly playing the sentiment of the market. Let’s give Apple as an example. After they announce a new iPhone the stock value goes down; everybody is expecting more than an incremental upgrade. But, when they release earnings, and the sales are way stronger than predicted and the stock price bounces right back. You buy low, sell high.

I’ve explained the above because the app is mostly targeted to people who employ swing trading as their strategy. Jitterbug is a type of swing dancing and thus I believe it’s a suiting name.

As next steps, I will be working in adding a desktop version of the interface. Now it’s only optimized for handheld devices. Then, I want to add a cash trading feature as Google Finance used to have. Lastly I might build an iOS app. For a long time I wanted to learn Swift and I think this is the perfect opportunity.

If you want to give it a spin you can read more about it on the Jitterbug website.