The Burnout

Around a year ago I decided to quit my job as a Product Manager at Landmark Web Team, take a sabbatical and reconsider my career.

After 12 years of working in the industry I’ve lost my passion. I was burned out. And I got out.

I wanted to explore some of my other interests and see if those were a realistic way for me to make a living. I tried video making, photography, streaming but I very quickly realized that some hobbies are meant to remain hobbies.

While I was exploring all the above, I was also working on Jitterbug. You know, learn a bit more about modern dev tools in the industry, getting my ear back on the ground on new technologies.

Jitterbug was started with the intention of maybe making me some beer money, but the closer I got to completion it was clear that I was not that into building and running an app. The whole point of the sabbatical was for me to find something I truly wanted to engage in, not something that would feel like chore again.

Something did light a spark in me while I was building Jitterbug. The design problem solving aspect of the project. It dawned on me that my passion was not gone. I liked design, the product role not so much.

So I started looking at some apps that I frequently use and see if I can improved them. Just to flex my design skills again. The apps I worked on were Emirates EBD, my bank of choice, and TripAdvisor the trusty travel companion.

I enjoyed working on those immensely. This confirms my above suspicion that design is in my blood and I love it. The search is over.

I consider my sabbatical as over coming January 2020: I am going back to design.