Welcome to the site

One thing you need to know about me is that I am a serial lurker.

A pattern of participation inequality has been noticed online communities. It was called the “1% rule”. It states that only 1% of the users of a website actively create new content, while the other 99% of the participants only lurk. In Internet culture, a lurker is typically somebody who observes, but does not participate.

Now, thats’s definitely me. I can be sometimes a bit of a recluse when it comes to the digital world. Mostly my time resumes to aimlessly browsing and consuming social media.

Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook… you name it and I am there — enjoying my non-participatory experience.

I recently started working for myself and now I have things that I want to share with the world.

Here lays the problem though. After all of these years of sitting in the stands, I now feel a bit of a stage fright. A bit anxious if you may. There is a voice that tells me that I should care more about my privacy or that I might not have anything meaningful to share. That, what I am doing and what I am writing is not interesting to anybody but myself.

So, I came with a plan. To achieve this mental shift from lurker to sharer, I created a character Silviu Constantine. Constantin is my middle name that I never use.

Silviu Constantine is a one percenter. He creates content, shares it to the world. He starts and joins conversations. Most importantly, he understands that even if the only person that cares about all that is himself, that’s good enough; but hopefully it will encourage and inspire you, dear lurker, to share a bit more and join the conversation.

So, this is Silviu Constantin saying “Hi”. Welcome to the site. This is the perfect place to find out what I am up to.