Weeknotes 1

At the beginning of 2019, I restarted my online presence under this website and the moniker Silviu Constantine. Reflecting back at the past year, I would have liked to have a better tracking of where my time went. So, I will try to post weekly updates on what’s going on with my life as a method of journaling.

I celebrated NYE in Bucovina. Absolutely lovely and magical place. Snow, traditional food, good company. We didn’t have cell or internet coverage at our accommodation so it was good to reset a bit before starting the new year.

Combined with the limited cell reception I also had some issues with my iPhone X. The touch sensor would go haywire and started accepting false inputs. I restored it as an empty phone to see if iOS 13 is the issue and it still behaved weirdly. So, I was waiting to get back to Dubai and go to the Apple Store to get somebody to look at it. Once I arrived, I can’t replicate the issue anymore. Now I have an empty phone that I am afraid of putting any effort in setting up as I might have to do it all over again if the problems reappear.

I came back from Romania with 3 more kgs than I left with. That’s one per week and eight away from my target weight. I’ve been “trying” to get under 80kg for a year now, but now being the new year and blah blah resolutions, I have some extra motivation to do so 🤞.