Weeknotes 3

I’m in need of a new mouse. My Logitech MX Master started flaking out. Initially I though the receiver was the issue, but after pairing to different dongles seems like the mouse itself is problematic. It’s a shame as I really liked this one.

Meanwhile, I bought an Apple Trackpad. In my quest to ameliorate my wrist and index finger RSI, I am looking to have multiple methods of input so that I can diversify the range hand of motions I while at the computer. What I like about the Trackpad is that I can still use it with my left hand so it doesn’t feel like a waste.

Had my official birthday party with pizza and beers; loved it.

Starting this weekend, for a week, we’re hosting some guests. This means that we will be exploring all of the touristy Dubai again and it should break our routine a bit.

Stumbled upon an old article by Marc Andreessen regarding different types of luck and I though it was a very good read.