Weeknotes 4

I was mentioning in my previous weekly update that I was expecting guests over. This proved to be a handful and I couldn’t attend to my day-to-day routine. I even missed a weekly update 😳. But, every time I have friends or family over, I am reminded how impressive Dubai is as a tourist destination. It’s a so-and-so city to live in but awe inspiring as a visitor; and I get to experience that again from time to time.

The other item that marked the last two weeks was a very bad food poisoning that both Nico and I had. She was way worse, severely dehydrated and nauseous, we had to go to hospital for an IV. Afterwards we lethargically binged Netflix for a few days.

I have no real update regarding my mouse hunt. Nor the trackpad lifestyle — I just didn’t get enough time to get accustomed to it. Once I get back into routine properly, I’ll make sure to write a bit more about my RSI journey so far.

I’ve been looking at a lot of typefaces lately for the Eloquentix rebranding. Hesitant at first, I started to love and embrace the look of ligatures for multi character combinations in monospaced fonts. I don’t think they’re very useful when programming, but aesthetically I can see a lot of applications.

Speaking about typefaces, Butterick writes an entertaining article dissecting the logos of the candidates racing for the 2020 US presidential Democrat nomination.