Weeknotes 5

I can’t wait to show you some of the work that I’ve been doing lately. First, I’ve been toiling at the Eloquentix branding and the new website. We’re half way there and I really like the direction it’s going. Secondly, I started a new project with a friend — a micro startup of some sorts. We think we can solve a real problem here. We’re in the incipient stages at the moment but the plan is to move fast fast fast.

We booked out our vacation for the summer. It’s my father’s 70th birthday and it’s the perfect reason for a family get-together in Italy. The program? Oldies but goldies: Rome, Florence and Venice. Nico and I’ve been in Italy for our honeymoon, but we’re super excited to visit again.

Talking about Italy, I want to tell you about my pizza obsession. I had my first pizza when I was a teen (don’t judge, I grew up in a post-communist country where restaurants and fast-food were luxury) and since then it became my favorite food. So, since I started cooking, I’ve always tried to perfect my recipe and get as close as possible to the grail, a true Neapolitan pizza, with a normal kitchen oven. Last weekend I got closer than ever. Now, I am excited to try again and see if I can repeat the feat.