A simple stock tracking app

Jitterbug is a super-simple stock portfolio tracking app that cares about your privacy. It's also built completly by me. It was launched in August 2019 and I wrote a bit about it when it initially launched.

Fig 1: Jitterbug Logo.

The Idea

After the demise of Google Finance's Portfolio Tracking feature, something that I used constantly, I decided to make my own similar app.

I wanted do everything by myself, and the most realistic way was to build a web app. I had to relearn Javascript, learn React and a brush my Ruby on Rails skills on the way.

The Challenges

Every designer will tell you that the hardest client is themselves. Design thrives on constrains; when you're the one who has to set them, things are a bit more negociable than healthy for the project. So, besides being constantly aware of scope creep, I had to make sure that even though I am the prototypical user, others should be able to use Jitterbug too. I had to balance my needs and my habbits with what other users might find intuitive.

Another issue was with the amount of information trading apps usually display. I wanted something very simple, the type of app you glance at in the morning, not something you do your job with.

Fig 2: The portfolio view.

How to take tabular data and display it in a list was the challenge that was pivotal for this project. It's hard to translate the scanability of a spreadsheet to the small screen of a smartphone. Jitterbug keeps the high information density easy to parse throughout the app by keeping the adornments to a minimum.

Fig 3: The Stock view, adding an order and the Orders view.

Working on Jitterbug made me fall in love again with the industry and I am very proud of the work I've done.

If your app needs some design love, don't hesitate to contact me.