A style refresh

TripAdvisor is the leading platform for travel related planning. It's also sporting a very bland design and in need of a style refresh. The restaurant view, the one that I use most often, is the candidate I chose for this makeover.1

Let's see where we're starting at:

Fig 1: The before restaurant view.

The Before

This is how the resturant view looks now in November 2019 (Fig 1.).

It's not really a dumpster fire, but if you look closely there are multiple areas in dire need of improvement:

  • bad information hierarchy,
  • inconsistent vertical rythm and spacing,
  • uninspired icon use,
  • navigational crutches (e.g. non-tab like behaving tabs),

The End Result

Voilá. This is how I reimagined the restaurant view to look like (Fig 2.). A clean, modern iOS app that has a distinct TripAdvisor flavor.

Fig 2: The after.


To address the current design concerns, I implemented the following improvements:

  • bigger and more appetizing images,
  • break apart the page into the main restaurant information (Fig 3.) and modals that deep dive into different aspects of the experience (Fig 4.),
  • new typography that creates a more scannable hierarcy of information,
  • better use of vertical space to fit more at-a-glance information.
  • more emphasis on discovering alternative dining options.
Fig 3: The main restaurant view.
Fig 4: The modals.

The above work is just an exercise to show that clear thought out grid use and modern typography can do wonders in sprucing up an app. Good style is not out of reach even for the more entrenched companies out there.

Here is the Sketch file if you also want to play around with the design.

Finally, if you think your app would benefit from a style refresh, don't hesitate to contact me.

  1. I am not associated with TripAdvisor in any kind, except being a user of their service. This work was not commissioned by them and it does not reflect the view of TripAdvisor. The work is based on how the version 34.2 of the iOS app, available for download from the App Store in November 2019.